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Aquarelle Marine Vendée

“Art is the shortest path from man to man”
André Malraux

In our rapidly changing world, stepping out of the box has become a necessity. My artistic practice invites itself within your company, or I welcome you into my workshop, to allow another look at your problems: Bringing together the world of art and that of business is, for me, like a obviously... open the door, the colors will do the rest!

My strengths, the reason why

A graduate of Skema Business School and a DESS in HRM and Business Strategy in continuing education, I acquired varied professional experience before returning to the artistic field, within various companies and professional organizations. I was notably responsible for training and I have experience of leading groups and teaching practices.

I combine knowledge of business with that of artistic creation and pedagogy.

The artist in his studio
Come on team

My proposition

The interventions that I offer allow you to put any problem in your company into perspective through a collective creative moment which will have several beneficial effects on your teams, and in particular:

  • support and boost cohesion, individual and collective performance, sharing, creativity, innovation, respect, motivation, the emergence of projects...

  • improve the development and recognition of employees, bring movement into the life of the company through the breath brought by artistic practice

I intervene at your request during seminars, training or special events, but also at your location to liven up break times by offering a recreational and innovative activity to your employees for a 100% relaxing moment.


  • FOR WHOM: commercial, administrative or production team, management or management, recently integrated employees, all employees (as an activity proposed by the CE, etc.)

  • TOOLBOX: charcoals, chalks, natural pigments or pastels, but also watercolor or ink, my entire palette is there without any need for prior knowledge. My pedagogy is based on practices of letting go which allow a real presence to oneself and a welcoming of one's creative spirit.

  • RESULT: Each intervention gives rise either to a collective production in the form of a fresco, or to a highlighting of artistic productions in the company, or to an individual restitution which can be accompanied by creative coaching... everything is possible because here even more than elsewhere, everything is created! Thus the participants have the satisfaction of a concrete production, and the effect of the creative moment is long-lasting. 

During a presentation meeting we target your objectives, and I make you a proposal detailed and quantified corresponding to your expectations. I intervene without geographical limits.

Creativity and art in business
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