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Makeover !

And the month of November is already well underway, the school season is in full swing!

A great return to work both in the studio and for the exhibitions, the new balance of my life as an artist is taking shape. In the meantime, the site has had a makeover! Here is the news for this month:


A big thank you to all of you who trust me, to all those who joined the workshop to sail with us for a while in the water. watercolor! It's a joy for me to share with you this medium that is so surprising, sometimes confusing, but always playful. The monthly course on Thursday evening can still accommodate one person, as well as the one on Tuesday afternoon (beginner for both). I have not yet been able to organize the outings, courses and weekend travel diaries for 2024, being very busy with the back-to-school exhibitions. If you are subscribed to the newsletter you will receive this information, otherwise subscribe to not miss any news; it's simple and you can unsubscribe at any time. It's at the bottom of the home page, or click here:


With the 2 back-to-school exhibitions (Le Prieuré with Lez'arts des Sables and the Vendée Art Show), I was able to present a good part of my work at a large audience, make great meetings with fellow artists or new buyers. The year 2023 was for me the opportunity to exhibit more than in previous years, it is an enriching experience that I will repeat, but for the moment I am taking a break. I have other plans for the end of 2024 and for 2025, the coming months being devoted to other priorities, here they are:


First of all my site is operational again, and you may have been able to discover my online store, otherwise you can do so by clicking here:

You will also find my book which can now be purchased online, as well as a gift card, which you can personalise: don't hesitate to talk about it and share around you ! This is the best gift you can give me. With this choice that I made to offer my works as art prints, it is years of work that have come to fruition, and making my work known is essential. If you would also like to share your experience, do not hesitate to leave a message on the page "Atelier d'art du port" from Google, in addition to bringing grist to my mill, it creates activity and allows me to be more visible on the internet.. . I'll put the link here:

And finally, I am preparing something new for Christmas that you might like: I am going to launch the campaign on the ULULE platform for my book Travel Notebooks! I have procrastinated a lot (too much) over the past year, to know whether or not I should be followed by a publisher; I therefore decided to try the solo adventure to begin with, as with my book "Art-trAversées" (450 copies sold), and I will advise later. It must be said that my little hanging notebooks were such a success at the Prieuré Saint-Nicolas, that I would find it a shame not to share them... If you are not familiar with Crowfunding platforms, the principle is to allow a project launch thanks to a pre-sales system. Within a week or two, I will create the project on ULULE and send you the link here (any idea for a Christmas gift?). I can't wait to hold it in my hands! I can just tell you that the format will be identical to the previous one (21/21 cm), for the rest everything has to be done, but I have the main thing: my travel notebooks and a few pages of texts already written. I'm going on a "writing retreat" for a week. from December 8 to 15.

Here they are, these little notebooks that fly:

I'll see you soon, to share creative moments, to discover or re-discover my universe (the workshop is open by appointment), and to weave together the canvas of a more beautiful world...



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